The SiDE Pension,  Istanbul / TURKEY
"a nicer place to stay"

The roof cafe has two real "Istanbul Views"... to the right you see The Aya Sofya, to the left -- The Blue Mosque. Point at the photo and wait for the views to change - three views.

Clean, plain and simple rooms with the services and facilities of a professionally run hotel...

Our rooms are without air-conditioning, but when required we provide fans.

The Side Pension looks after guests in budget priced rooms that offer many of the comforts of higher priced hotels to our guests. We run an uncomplicated business designed to give travellers the facilities needed for a no-fuss stay in the middle of Old Istanbul -- right beside all the important sights. Have a look at the map on our 'location' page and compare that with guidebooks and your plans.

The view of The Aya Sofya and Blue Mosque from the penthouse cafe alone makes the visit worthwhile.

Please write with any enquiries... we reply promptly.

Side Pension


.Phones : +90 212 458 58 70 - +90 212 517 22 82  -  E - mail : info@sidehotel.com